Social Services

Hussain Group feels the responsibility on it by the community. At Evolution Restaurant and Catering Services free vocational training in the field of food and hospitality is given to young and deserving individuals of Karachi. Evolution has trained around 105 cooks and 56 waiters free of charge, giving them proper recommendations and guide lines for the betterment of their careers in industry. At Rocking Cars, technical education is provided to 13 individuals free of charge who were hired as internees so that they can establish their careers as technicians in sound audio market. 

More over, Hussain group also owns 3 cricket clubs and a cricket academy where, as many as 200 individuals are provided with free cricketing activities. Hussain group has been a major investor in promoting the club level cricket in Karachi and stands to be as a regular donor to various cricket and sporting organizations. 

Apart from the above Hussain group provides and donates continuous support to various humanitarian NGOs.


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