Natural Casing

Why To Have A Sausage with Natural Casings

Natural casings are the preference of the customers for good reason.

First of all, it is about the bite. natural casings provide that special "snap" that true sausage lovers expect.

Furthermore, the casing itself is permeable. It allows the smoke to penetrate through to the sausage to provide the rich flavor the customers envision.

Permeable natural casings mean the casing bonds with the meat and helps the sausage share its aroma in the deli case or on the skillet. Not only will your sausage pass the test in the store cooking it will fill the room with that sweet aroma which only a sausage can give!!!

No other casing can quite match the Naturals for maintaining a fresh appearance and keeping the sausage sweet and juicy. With natural casings, you can be confident that the nuance of flavor and seasonings will shine through with each tender bite.

Natural casing sausage if compared to artificial casings like that of a Hot Dog, it would be eminent that natural casings are more eye appealing when it comes to freshness and meat quality. Quite simply, it helps sell-through.

Natural casings also extend the shelf life. They keep the sausage fresher longer. No other casing provides that traditional "look" that so appeal to sausage lovers.

Furthermore, the natural strength of these casings allows the customers to maximize the yield in production. There are fewer failures on the line.

For a thousand years, sausage has been made in nearly every country of the world. All have their secrets for sausage. The one consistency over time is that natural casings have been the product of choice. That remains so today. We know. We supply them.


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