Welcome to the MSMH Pvt. Ltd.

Mohammed Saeed Mohammed Hussain (MSMH Pvt. Ltd.) is in the business of manufacturing and processing premium quality Natural Sheep Casings for over four decades. We have carved for ourselves a name of repute and prestige among all the major sheep casings import markets due to our consistent superior quality.

MSMH Pvt. Ltd. has been synonymous with commitment, quality and control. With the highest quality of all natural casings, we ensure that your favorite fast food “Sausages” look as good as they taste. Having its plant and storage facilities in 4 different cities of Pakistan , Romania and recent expansion in UK has allowed MSMH Pvt. Ltd. to provide tremendous service and quality to its sausage manufacturing customers through out the world.

Apart from being the market leaders in the country of origin, MSMH Pvt. Ltd. has been expanding worldwide. MSMH Pvt. Ltd. has also expanded in western Europe and has set Euro Asia Distribution Limited, London which is distributing and sales office. Under the complete ownership of MSMH Pvt. Ltd., the Euro Asia London will increase the pace of distribution in Europe while the Euro Asia Romania will provide the sampling and storage facilities plus a distributing network.

With our experience, expansion, previous statistics and future plans which include a storage and distribution centre in Gulf estates easily mark us as the industry leader providing the best products, service and support. A permanent Member Of INSCA, Winners of Best Export Performance Trophies by the Government of Pakistan for 15 years, a Winner of Presidential Export Performance Award In-2003, are all previous achievements by MSMH Pvt. Ltd.

A great product starts with nature and ends on a customer's plate. At MSMH Pvt. Ltd. we promise excellence at every step. Being in Sheep Casing Industry for 55 years and our contemporary philosophies of business with modern production facilities, enable us to achieve the best quality which is always more than our customer's expectations.

The new mega plant being built in Karachi which will be ready by the end of year 2009, will be equipped with latest technology and will increase the production and sampling capacity tremendously. The plant is being built in Export Processing Zone of Karachi and is expected to have an increase in production by 400%. Moreover it is being expected by the whole Pakistani industry to be its icon with high class machinery, more professional techniques and immense production capacity.

Mohammed Saeed Mohammed Hussain have been approved and certified by the EC Health Delegation as the number one company of Pakistan in maintaining cleanliness, staffed with highly skilled technicians and perfectly suited to deliver the highest quality and most uniform natural casings for top class sausages available.

Our priority is delivering the best product at the lowest cost to you. Therefore we control the manufacture of our natural casings from the abattoir to the finished product. Our quality controllers are thoroughly in touch with the butchers dealing only in the highest class of Sheep and it enables us to select and produce the finest consistent casings. Moreover the distribution network is spread in such a way that it provides readily available natural casings to the sausage manufacturers. Now with Euro Asia in Romania and Euro Asia in London under the ownership of MSMH Pvt. Ltd., it is not far away from being one of the biggest producers and distributors of natural casing around the world.

Our future goals include establishing a wide network of distribution through out Europe and Middle East . In order to take the business a further step forward by coming up with a tubing, piping, and storing facility in Romania, in order to make it convenient for all sausage producing companies of Europe to use our product for more efficient and cost savings productivity.



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