About EURO Asia

The foundation of the present picture of Hussain Group with 9 companies under its ownership was laid by the founder of the group Mr. Mohammed Hussain (late) in early 1970's.

With the first interest in business as Mohammed Saeed Mohammed Hussain (MSMH), the company expanded in a shape of group locally and globally. With immense achievements in the field of natural sheep casings, MSMH in a span of 30 years became a reputable name in the industry through out the world.

From export of sheep casings the group expanded in the local market by coming up with an authentic name in food and hospitality business in the shape of Evolution Restaurant and Catering Services, Cafe Purple Haze and Hussain Catering. With a huge market available in Pakistan , Hussains also indulged themselves in import of luxury items: Used cars and high quality mobile audio accessories and systems.

With its vision to expand in advertising market, Hussain Communication was formed in 2004 and had rendered tremendous services to its client over the years. The recent development of the group has been in terms of Europe Asia International London and Romania which will be sales and distributing companies for MSMH.

More over in the local market, the group has launched a new idea of physical fitness and gym by opening up Fitness First in Karachi and very soon to be launched throughout the major cities of Pakistan

Mr. Mohammed Hussain was the main brain behind the starting of Hussain group, who built the company on strong foundations which later has been lead by his Successors Mr. Faisal Hussain and Mr. Ali Hussain, along with a large network of professionally trained, qualified and devoted managers, workers and various other staff members. The owners, managing partners and workers of Hussain group together have worked their way towards the top by maintaining the standards of quality may it be in manufacturing sheep casings or food served within the restaurant or in catering events or may it be a solution to an in-car entertainment or selling a car itself.

Our future goals are to go globally both in sheep casing market and hospitality business. Hussain Group is in the process of setting up its hospitality service in Middle East while MSMH is in process of setting up the piping and salting plant in Romania and plans to have the same in London to cater the market needs in a better way. The journey is long and vast with full of acceleration and honors. Moreover it is still not completed and all efforts are and will be made to expand and achieve more.


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